24x7 Operations

Built on a Rock Solid Platform

Give a voice to your venture using our powerful 24x7 messaging platform and benefit from our high delivery success rates.

Easy on the Mind

Simplicity at the Core

A single dashboard interface providing you with all the functions you need to create, manage and monitor your SMS communications.

Massive Scaling

Starting from one SMS

Do you need to send over a million SMS per day? We'd be thrilled to handle that traffic - our platform is built with endurance and durability in mind! Also, we don't discriminate between small and large volume users.

Free Support

We've got you covered!

Just get in touch with us and we'll take it from there! We'd also be happy to build new stuff for you - for free.

API for A2P Messaging

Add Application to Persona (A2P) SMS capabilities to your backend systems using our simple RESTful API to automate your communication workflows. The API comes for free when you buy credit.

Service Alerts

Especially useful for companies operating in several industries, including finance, healthcare, auctions, traveling and so forth.

Personalised Messaging and Coupons

Send out personalised messages and/or redeemable coupons using our SMS-merge tool. Boost online traffic and footfall at your stores. Make your customers feel like clients. You can personalise your messages using custom tags uploaded directly from CSV or Excel files.

Bulk SMS Campaings

Manage your recipients in groups and send out messages hassle free. It doesn't matter if you're sending one message or a million, let our platform handle your jobs and get realtime updates on delivery.

Realtime Delivery Reports

Are you a curious person? We are. Our realtime charts functionality gives you the opportunity to monitor delivery reports for each and every job, and for each and every number within that job! It feels like a mission control centre, and it also helps you determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, second by second and minute by minute! When will the first calls come in? Will they start calling after the first 3000 messages are delivered? This is productive fun!

Butler on Demand

No time to work the gears? Let us do the hard work, while you focus on your core competences. Send us your plans, and we'll do the rest. We'll also keep you updated on progress. Oh, this comes at no extra charge!

Two-way messaging

Give a voice to your customers - in principle you now can create and manage duplex marketing campaigns, whereby your customers can interact with you by replying on a given number (shared or dedicated). Imagine the possibilities: competitions, vouchers, bookings and so forth. Running multiple campaigns? #tags solve this issue :)

Canned Messages

You can now store messages as templates for re-use in future jobs - we called these - canned messages. Really, it's a very very small feature, but it can make a huge difference in branding and message consistency.

Balance Alerts

Don't find yourself credit-less. Just create a balance alert, and we'll inform you as soon as your credit hits an all-time low (you specify this value).

Custom Retry Period

This is a very important function that we developed in close collaboration with our corporate clients. When a mobile device is out of reach (off or with no network coverage), our platform will keep retrying for 24 hours, until it is received. This could however result in customers receiving messages late at night, or early in the morning. This could damage your reputation. For this reason, you can determine the retry period, after which messages will automatically expire. This helps you protect your goodwill and image.

Group Delivery Optimization

A simple function that gives you all the numbers that were not reached in 1, 2 or 3 consecutive jobs for a selected group. You would then be able to prune these inactive numbers, hence, reducing your overall costs.

Barred Recipients

Subscribers would sometimes wish to stop receiving messages (for some reason). Rather than deleting the number you can simply add it to the barred recipients list. These will be automatically excluded from any bulk job you send thereafter. This will save you the hassle of looking for numbers (to delete) in each and every list you might have on our system. Easy peasy!

Job Scheduling and Queue Management

Need we say more? Well, schedule your jobs, and manage the queue (hold jobs, resume jobs, resend jobs, and so forth).

Multiple Sender Identifiers

Got multiple brands? No worries, just add another sender ID (alphanumeric or numeric) and send on! Of course, we won't charge a penny for that! Why should we?

PAYG with Realitme Topups

Pay As You Go - No contracts involved! Out of credit? Don't panic, just topup with your credit card and carry on! (we use PayPal, since it's easy and safe, for both of us. You can pay without creating an account with them).

A word from our commmunity...

The following testimonials mean so much to us!

"I honestly found targlets to be a very reliable platform for our short messaging advertising and marketing requirements. Additionally the open door policy and pro active approach which targlets have always adopted for suggested improvements makes it the ideal platform for anyone wanting a system which is updatable according to your latest requirements" Colin, ROCS Group

"Maintaining contact and providing them with customer care they deserve is an important factor in the success of Gusto. Targlets and their staff have played an important role in helping us achieve it in an effective way. Thumbs up!" JP, Gusto

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